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Voice Training
Learn voice training for business

Speech Coaching
Learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking

Your coach runs one on one session to ensure a personalized training.
You get a feedback on your presenting style and body language.



One on One Training 

Actor-based training
Our method is based on real acting training work including techniques to speak in front of an audience and work on your personal voice.
We focus on voice modulation when speaking in public in order to adapt to different audiences. The way you modulate your voice, commands over people, so it is a key skill to master. The secret behind an executive's charisma may be in the voice.

 Your Coach

A professional voice speech trainer
Ita Aagaard is a theater-based public speaking and voice trainer, living in Spain. She organizes programmes on voice placement, bodywork, preparation to conferences, interviews and auditions. She is also specialized in voice training for professional actors and actresses. 
Ita Aaagaard works as much with professional performers as with managers.








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