Techniques To Communicate Efficiently



Online Training with a professional actress 
for anyone interested in mastering public speaking:
 managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, graduating students, lawyers

When you are speaking in public you are actually performing. More and more professionals in the private or public sectors are using acting techniques to help them conquer their public speaking fears. Your body language tells your audience a lot and help you in the success of your speech.




Our powerful techniques to overcome your fear of public speaking:
We offer an actor-based training, tailored to meet your specific needs
We help you to prepare your conferences, speeches, business presentations, thesis defences



Public Speaking Exercices

Vocal Warm up
Correct use of the voice
Projection, intonation and rhythm
Gesture, posture and personal style
Theater plays to facilitate the desinhibition
Exercices of breathing techniques: management of stress and emotions 
Exercices to lower heart rate
Exercices to confront the silence
Learn how to convince
How to use the power of the eye
Exercices to speak with a microphone



Preparation of interventions

Learn how to build a good speech or a simple talk, speeches / arguments
How to prepare a meeting

Work with a microphone in front of a camera
Improvisation techniques

Learn how to enforce your physical presence
Role-playing to measure the interaction with the public
Work in neutral reading

Filmed rehearsals and feedback
Learn how to use Powerpoint 


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