Personalized Training for Actors


"L'Espèce" by Compagnie Zéro Théâtre (photo Robert Laugier)


Actor Training 
individual coaching to prepare castings and auditions

Actor Coaching 

Personalized training and accompaniment of actors by a professional actress, theater director and teacher

We can help you to work on your body and release it, control your voice and reinforce your scenic presence, according to theatre techniques


"Les dormeurs" by Compagnie Zero Theatre (photo Robert Laugier)




Areas of Work

Basic techniques:
Breathing and relaxation technique
Movement analysis

Body training:  Alexander, Yves Lebreton

Yoga techniques, gesture plays

Preparation to Staging

Cooperation with the coach according to the artist's personality:
Space management/Scenic presence
Relationship with the audience
Emotional self-regulation and blockages


Preparation to Castings and Auditions in a Professional Environment

Basic techniques:
Physical preparation

Muscular relaxation
Work on the voice

Work on the relationship with the partner/ Work on the text

Training, Development and Support to Artist Projects

Definition of the development strategy of the project:
Analysis of challenges

Definition of development strategy

Work on communication tools

Acknowledgement of talents and resources  


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