Public Speaking Trainer and Voice Coach




Ita Aagaard

is a theater-based public speaking and voice speech trainer, working with a variety of people and companies. She organizes programmes on voice placement, bodywork, preparation to conferences, interviews and auditions. She is also specialized in voice training for professional actors and actress. Theater director, acting teacher and theater author, Ita Aagaard is born in Holland, from a Norwegian father and a Spanish mother. She lives in Spain. She speaks five languages.

Co director of European intercultural projects, she directed several theater companies and went on tour throughout Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland and Mexico. She lives currently in Valencia where she taught in several schools of Dramatic Art. She also taught vocal and body training programs at La Sorbonne in Paris and at the Conservatory Of Stockholm. Since the beginning of her career, she has developed her
own pedagogy with great success. 







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